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Longo Group
The largest and fastest growing used car retailer in Baltic States

transforming the market and delivering the highest standards of customer service


Established in 2018, Longo Group is the leading used car retailer in the Baltics, with sales locations in Riga, Vilnius and Tallinn.

Longo Group, a fully vertically integrated company, carefully selects and sources its cars in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Longo Group brings new meaning to the Baltic used car market by providing a fully transparent, reliable and outstanding used car purchase experience via both online and brick-and-mortar channels.

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Longo controls each step of the business from buying and transporting cars to preparing and selling them. Longo Group reviews, inspects and purchases most cars via an established network in Western Europe. The Preparation Operations are handled in the Longo Group Preparation Center, where all vehicles are serviced, repaired, cleaned and photographed. Longo provides the best-in-class purchase experience along with an aftersales warranty and re-engages customers for their next purchase.

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The largest used car dealer in terms of units sold (more than twice the amount of the closest competitor) in the Baltics.

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In-house professionally selected and purchased cars with 100% proven mileage and certification documents of the full ownership history for the vehicle’s full history.

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Best-in-class customer service offering safe and hassle-free experience for every customer. Real warranty to allay potential worry about hidden defects.


Longo Strategic Vision Profitable growth and transformation of the Baltic used car market

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Become the undisputed leader in used car sales in the Baltics

Institutionalize the Longo retail concept for a rapid roll out to new locations in the Baltics.

Become the top used car sales e-commerce platform in the Baltics.

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Continue driving profitability through economies of scale.


Enhance supplementary offers to further increase profitability.

Growth with focus on profitability

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Highest standards and excellent customer experience

Brand, Data, IT and Culture are key to long term success.

Continuously invest in digital capabilities, delivery and online marketing to capture market opportunity and changing consumer trends.

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The Longo Group mission is to deliver on 3 customer promises


The largest and widest competitively priced assortment of popular used car models in the Baltics.


The safest and most convenient used car shopping experience end-to-end, both digitally and on-site.


Only quality cars with guaranteed mileage and full available history, freshly serviced and cleaned.

Longo Group is designed to transform the used car market in the Baltics


Longo International management team plans and delivers profitable growth strategy.

Key positions in sourcing and preparation staffed only with professionals.


Brick-and-mortar sourcing operations in Western Europe.

Team experience and integrated pricing processes.

In-house end-to-end high-capacity car preparation center.


Best-in-class digital experience focused on convenience.

Standardized sales processes focused on delivering a safe and hassle-free experience.

Proprietary back-office system linking together all the business elements.

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Our Team


Our international management team planning and delivering on our rapid growth strategy with extensive international Management Consulting, Finance, Retail and IT experience.

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Edgars Cērps


  • LinkedIn
Longo Jacob.webp

Jacob W. Hoogenboom


  • LinkedIn
Longo Neil.webp

Neil Smith

Non-executive Director

  • LinkedIn
Longo Darta.webp

Dārta Keršule


  • LinkedIn
Longo Group Edgars.webp

Edgars Ermansons

Head of Pricing

  • LinkedIn
Longo Jevgenijs.webp

Jevgēnijs Sokolovs

Group Chief Accountant

  • LinkedIn
Longo Hans.webp

Hans Hermans

Head of Sourcing Europe

  • LinkedIn
Longo Rainer.webp

Rainer Uukkivi

Head of Sales

  • LinkedIn
Longo Sarlote_edited.png

Šarlote Katkovska

Head of Business Processes

  • LinkedIn
Longo Kristine.webp

Kristīne Kalēja

Head of Marketing

  • LinkedIn
Longo Maris.webp

Māris Birgers

Head of IT

  • LinkedIn
Longo Ugne.png

Ugnė Jonelytė-Debeikienė

Head of Preparation

  • LinkedIn
Longo Paulius.webp

Paulius Valiukenas

Country Manager Lithuania

  • LinkedIn
Longo Janis.webp

Jānis Vīndedzis

Country Manager Latvia

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Longo Group’s data-driven approach and significant online presence has allowed it to build an efficient operation spanning multiple geographies and jurisdictions and become a market leader in all of its sales countries. The Group is offering additional services to its customers, including extended warranty and leasing products by our partners. The Group has established sales entities in 3 countries: Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The Group’s largest market is currently Lithuania, accounting for 48% of the Group’s total sales in 9 months of 2021.



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